СUPPER and Crimean rally “Nakhimov”

CUPPER took part in the largest retro cars rally “Nakhimov, which took place along the scenic roads of Crime. In addition to being a general sponsor of this historic rally, we had an opportunity to attract enthusiasts who carefully restore and preserve their cars, which are already called a “Soviet auto classics”.

  CUPPER has sent its own crew consisting out of its employees. It was quite an interesting experience for girls to participate in such race, especially riding an exclusive model – VAZ-2103, released in 1976. Our colleagues went through 5000 km of riding along the Russian roads from Moscow to the Crimea, coming through the Crimean Peninsula and returning. Our girl-team nailed all the tasks and their car engine lubed with CUPPER didn’t let down them either.  And even we didn’t score a prize, but our “green brew” proved that it can perform well in any challenging race, even in an amateur one!

In addition to the VAZ-2103, we also sent our “everlast” Largus to this rally, which was “loaded” with CUPPER lubricants. As a part of retro rally this car, which in fact has already travelled over 50 000 km without oil change and is going for a new record was used as a support vehicle which assisted participants of the rally. Three more participant teams were using CUPPER oil and additives.

Congratulations to Alexander Ermolaev and his Moskvich-407, released in 1961, which scored the main prize for being the most environment friendly car in the rally. In this nomination CUPPER has once again confirmed its compliance with high environmental standards – a 60-year-old Moskvich-407 showed an emission standard that complied with EURO 6 standard!

We are pleased with opportunity to participate in “Nakhimov” rally, where CUPPER lubricants had a chance to demonstrate its reliability, high protective properties, increased vehicle efficiency and environmental friendliness when used in cars that are more than 50 years old!

Congratulations to crew of professionals consisting of Alexey Vasilyev and Konstantin Zhiltsov on their retro car “Volga”, who took first place award. We also want to congratulate a family crew of Igor and Ksenia Chernyshevs, who became the winners in the amateur league. We hope to get one more opportunity to race with you on the scenic roads of the Crimea soon, but this time we will practice more to compete at your level!

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